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Learning a new skill can improve the way you think — Here’s how

Learning a new skill, whatever that might be, forces you out of your comfort zone and into new territory. Especially during the first year of the Corona outbreak many people found themselves with a lot more time on their hands and decided to invest it – perhaps out of boredom – into practicing something they’ve never tried before.

This seemingly useless practice has led some to discover hidden talents or passion, but many more discovered the intrinsic fun of acquiring something new, even if it’s a weird party trick.

For me, this new skill was juggling, a great way to relieve stress and have fun – and impress people 😏 – that lead me into getting to know a lot of street performers which later became friends of mine.

Today, however, we will discuss the psychological effects of training yourself to do something completely out of your wheelhouse, and what that might mean for you.

Do you know what the best part is? It doesn’t have to be something big or particularly difficult.

All set? Let’s begin!

Mental and physical health

Keeping your mind and body engaged is a great way to train yourself to handle a wide variety of challenges, to look at the world from a new perspective, and, as I’ve said before, to help uncover your hidden potential. According to an article by Psychology Today, people with a more active lifestyle tend to perform better in memory and other cognitive tests. Learning a new skill can also improve your mental health and can be therapeutic in a lot of stressful situations.

It’s not about the skill itself, it’s about the process.

Begin opening up your brain today!

Opening new career paths

If the skill you chose to learn is something that companies look for then you’re doing your future self a huge favor. Let’s take learning a new language as an example: this will put on the table the possibility of getting a promotion, working overseas (to let you see more of the world without wasting money), and expanding your reach when it comes to looking for new freelance clients.

All that just because you got up ad decided to challenge yourself.

A more interesting you

Now, of course, I’m not implying that you’re a boring person, however, adding new cool skills on top of what you already got will increase your likeability. Knowing something that other people don’t will make you a more interesting person and will lead some people to engage with you more when you meet them (*wink wink*).


I hope I’ve inspired you to make a positive change in your life, or even just a change in the way you kill time when bored. I’ll leave you with other insightful resources to help you in your learning process. Thanks for reading!

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